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"TeliaSonera AB is the dominant telephone company and mobile network operator in Sweden and Finland. The company has operations in other countries in Northern, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South Asia and Spain, with a total of 182.1 million mobile customers (Q1, 2013). It is headquartered in Stockholm and its stocks are traded on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and on the Helsinki Stock Exchange." - WikiPedia

PRISE Tuning Assistant, PRISE Compress Wizard

TeliaSonera Sverige AB has run a full test on PCW and PTA and purchased a site licence for both in one package. Ever since, we have recorded multiple PTA downloads from Teliasonera, showing that PTA is not only for optimization but also helps the everyday work of a DBAs and development team.

InterContinental Hotels Group

"InterContinental Hotels Group PLC informally InterContinental Hotels or IHG is an English multinational hotels company headquartered in Denham, UK. IHG has over 710,000 rooms and 4,800 hotels across nearly 100 countries. Its brands include Candlewood Suites, Crowne Plaza, Even, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hotel Indigo, Hualuxe, InterContinental and Staybridge Suites. Of the 4,602 hotels, 3,934 operate under franchise agreements, 658 are managed by the company but separately owned, and 10 are directly owned." - WikiPedia

PRISE Tuning Assistant

The International Hotels Group is one of the World's leading hotel companies, active in over 100 countries, at more, than 4,900 hotel locations. IHG has been continuously using PTA for optimization. Prise is proud to serve a new client from a special and fast growing industry.

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Teradata Hungary Ltd

TERADATA - what else to say?

PRISE Tuning Assistant

PRISE happyly announces that Teradata's hungarian company chosen our Tuning Assistant product to improve their collegues' productivity.

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Mobiltel Bulgaria

Mtel, also known as "Mobiltel", is the first and largest GSM mobile phone operator in Bulgaria. It has more than 4.2 million customers, and had €371.3 million revenue in 2014. - Wikipedia

PRISE Compress Wizard

Mobiltel utilized PCW to analyze their Teradata tables compression possibilities to decide about extending hardware capacity. The purchase of hardware was postponed - thanks to PCW.

Implementation details not published.
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Telenor Hungary

Telenor Hungary is a major force in mobile voice-based and broadband services The company has been present in Hungary for nearly twenty years, and its services are used by some 3.6 million people nationwide.

PRISE Compress Wizard

Telenor Hungary ordered the 4th compress optimization project. PRISE in corporation with Teradata Hungary applied Compress Wizard to optimize multi-value compression settings.

We managed to reach 36% space gain on the affected tables which means net 1.9TBytes saved perm space. This space gain enabled the company to make its new "traffic analysis" data warehouse area go live.
As side effect the Aprimo CRM data area was shrinked by 45%, with improved performance experienced by the end users.

Disk gain: 1930 GB (36.3%) CPU impact: -1.3% IO impact: -17.4%
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PRISE Compress Wizard

In Telenor Hungary's Teradata data warehouse of 9.4TB PRISE Compress Wizard estimated to generate 1200GB free disk space. Implementation released 1258GB free disk capacity, suitable for store 11 months' data increase. Optimization decreased the total I/O by 13% and reduced overall CPU usage by 15%.

Disk gain: 1258 GB (17%) CPU impact: -15% IO impact: -13%
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PRISE StatMan (discontinued)

The country’s second largest mobile operator implemented PRISE StatMan in October 2011. DBAs use the product to automatically centralize, standardize and optimize statistics management. This brings as a result visibly optimized hardware consumption. Resource relocation shortened daily ETL process by creating statistics in off-peak times.

Telenor Montenegro

Telenor is the leading provider of mobile telecommunication services in Montenegro. It was the first mobile operator in Montenegro when started writing the history of mobile communication on 10 July 1996.

PRISE Compress Wizard

In a Teradata Data Warehouse of 2TB PRISE Compress Wizard estimated to generate 390GB free disk space. Implementation released 420GB free disk capacity, suitable for 8 months data increase. Optimization decreased IO by 13% and reduced overall CPU usage by 15%.

Disk gain: 420 GB (23.4%) CPU impact: -15% IO impact: -13%
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