Fastest way to optimize Teradata queries

  • Makes you a Teradata tuning expert
  • Finds slow/ineffective SQLs
  • Highlights pain-points
  • Accelerates queries
  • Easy - Quick - Visual

PTA is the most effective tool for optimizing Teradata SQL queries.
It helps to identify and visualize resource-critical and slow queries.
Based on DBQL data, needs no additional arrangements.

  Key features

  • Advanced query search function
  • SQL beautifier&highlighter and alias map for easy script reading
  • Table info center (Size, Skew, Statistics)
  • Detailed step info with "top highlighting"
  • Data flow visualization: spool tree tracking
PRISE Tuning Assistant - Teradata query optimization - Overview
  • PTA is a unique tool
  • PTA is the must have for DBA-s and developers in their everyday work
  • Analyzes Teradata DBQL-logs in a way you get a full-scan at the doctor
  • PTA collects you all the sympthoms to a dashboard, so that you have the full oveview
  • What you can achieve with PTA in 1 hour would take around 3 days manually.
  • PTA is the cheapest and fastest way to diagnose your underperforming teradata queries
PRISE Tuning Assistant - Teradata query optimization - Overview

PRISE Tuning Assistant (PTA)
Product Sheet

Main features

  • Query selector
    You can select queries with high or skewed resource consumption or by many other aspects
  • Recurring query finder
    Multiple ran queries can be identified and handled together.
  • SQL dashboard
    Concentrates all tuning related information with:
    • SQL beautifier
    • Alias replacer
    • Explain miner
    • Top Step highlighter
    • Spool flow visualizer
    • Object browser
    • Statistics viewer
  • Spool-navigator
    Take a virtual trip through the spool flow, with all infos displayed, suspicious thighs highlighted

  • Based on DBQL data
    • Can analyse any SQLs previously ran on the system
    • No need to capture queries in advance
    • Context-runnable SQLs are handled
      Already non existing temporary tables will not cause problem
    • Compatible with DBQL archiving
  • Low impact
    Optimized DBQL queries to minimize system load and enable quick responses
  • Full GUI Java application
    Easy to use graphical interface
  • Lightweight product
    Portable software, no repository, readonly DB access

Screenshots (click to magnify)

Logon screen

Log into the target Teradata instance.
Need no special or dedicated DB user.

Query selection

Find slow or resource intensive queries easily, or choose specific queries using full text search options.
Archived DBQL is supported (customizable).

Result list

Queries qualified for selection.
Sortable by any displayed information.

Recurring query finder

Find queries that ran many times.
Cumulated and average costs are displayed.

Query dashboard

Unfold one selected query.
Helps to find problem roots by collecting and visualize environmental and resource info.


"Walk" on the spool tree.
Get all data source, result and step resource information concentrated

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PRISE Tuning Assistant - Teradata query optimization - Overview